I would like to thank you again very much for the effective, appreciative coaching. It strengthened my self-awareness and gave me confidence again. Everything else will find itself. P.K.

Focus: professional reorientation

Ms. Steinberger has very good analytical skills and quickly sees where she can start to make the appointment profitable and sustainable. Lovingly interested and persistent. She stays tuned to topics and shows me how important I am to her right now. A coachee couldn’t ask for more. Thank you. S. S.

Focus: application training

I worked with Ms. Steinberger in the area of leadership and people management. I am still very enthusiastic about the results that we have achieved together, as well as your conceptually structured approach. I can recommend you for professional coaching tasks, especially at management level and, of course, for the executive development of young talent. In particular, your experience and understanding of the C level help the challenges and change management in Industry (4.0) and digitization environments, and you can work on an equal footing. She simply convinced us with measurable results! Rüdiger Gunther, Vice President Value Added Distribution Europa, Also Actebis Holding GmbH, Soest

Focus: career focus

Carolin Steinberger is a competent, personable and empathetic, level-headed and experienced coach! I’m still in the middle of the change process: industry change, new challenges, looking for the right path, the next step. Clarity & Change – that’s not just the name of Ms. Steinberger’s new coaching module – that’s what it’s about for me too. And that affects all of life. Carolin Steinberger not only accompanies this process, she asks the decisive, the right questions, encourages with humorous emphasis, with experience and competence to pause and rethink. It is not always appropriate to overtake yourself! Don’t go through a door just because it’s open!

I cannot imagine a better coach for this development, this process! E.S.

Focus: Change Management

It was just great! I was referred to Ms. Steinberger via the ATV / employment agency. After 7 years in the last company and a permanent „slipping“ into the positions, I was enormously insecure about where my place was, what to look for and whether I could get in there at all. Ms. Steinberger gave me great support in finding my place and creating a CV (I had never used it!). I really enjoyed the sessions and was able to take away a lot of self-confidence and knowledge, which I will definitely continue to use in my future life.

I am also happy to put the recommendations here in writing. I have already recommended several people to Ms. Steinberger and will continue to do so.

Focus: Change Management

targeted & consistent

Did a coaching with Ms. Steinberger as part of my application process & my professional (re) orientation with the following content:

– Systematic elaboration of my beliefs, my goals and my competence profile and discussion of the contradictions contained therein

– Deriving specific parameters for my job search

With her methodical approach and the consistent questioning of my motivation, Ms. Steinberger helped me a lot in preparing for my next career step. Many Thanks!

Focus: career / skills coaching

I would like to expressly thank you. I don’t think it would have worked without you. I think it was at the end of our second meeting that you said:

So, until next time, think about a few applications that you really want to make. Based on these, we will then see what we can improve.

Before that, you had already encouraged me to think outside the box.

For me, our meetings were sometimes disturbing (especially the first 2 when I told them about my last job and about my resignation) and sometimes exhausting. But that was a good thing. After all, I should learn something.

With your mixture of friendliness and great professionalism, you manage to get a lot out of people. Also from me.

I keep thinking about you saying not to keep criticizing and belittling myself. You are undoubtedly right. Danke nochmal dafür. A.K.

Focus: professional reorientation